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I truly believe that real estate is an achievable path to wealth for everyone who has the desire and drive to pursue it! My goal with InvestDGP is to help you realize that too. You'll get my success stories that make you want to dive in, you'll get the painful lessons that serve a valuable purpose in growing my business, and I'll share the thought process and details of how everything happens. This content is for you and your business!

InvestDGP Portfolio


Ferstl Flip

Status: Complete!


Sale Price:






NET PROFIT: $47,407



Belfast Flip

Status: Complete!


Sale Price:






NET PROFIT: $25,247



Redwood Flip

Status: In Progress





PROFIT (est): $20,000


What's New in InvestDGP


It's a little different being on the sell side for Bank St duplex sold in December, and the Belfast Flip sold in January. Each came with their own lessons.

BRRRR #2 Complete


This one was a long time in the first property, the quad in Gastonia and the former home of #toiletlady, is finally complete!

First Flip is Ongoing


While I'd love to say my first flip experience has been all rainbows and sunshine, it certainly hasn't. Learn from my mistakes so you don't repeat them.

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Each potential property is a fantastic learning opportunity, whether the deal closes or not. Check out my portfolio to dig into the numbers, the rehab, and the tenant stories.



From childhood entrepreneur to Infantry Officer to consultant, learn about Patrick, where InvestDGP came from, and how the real estate journey began.


Gaining knowledge through investing is powerful, but it's more powerful when you share that knowledge! Whether the posts are organic or through an affiliate like BiggerPockets, I'll be sure to share what I learn.


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