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Flip #2 Underway!

What's the point in learning lessons if you don't apply them?

This great deal will utilize all of the hard lessons learned in the first flip!


First Flip is Ongoing!


While I'd love to say my first flip experience has been all rainbows and sunshine, it certainly hasn't. Learn from my mistakes so you don't repeat them!


You Win Some, You Lose Some

Not every deal works out as planned. Some don't close, some aren't as profitable as you'd like, but each one provides a learning lesson


Articles, Interviews, & Podcasts!

Hear the InvestDGP story on real estate podcasts, live webinars, and articles posted on BiggerPockets!

Each potential property is a fantastic learning opportunity, whether the deal closes or not. Check out my portfolio to dig into the numbers, the rehab, and the tenant stories!


From childhood entrepreneur to Infantry Officer to consultant, learn about Patrick, where InvestDGP came from, and how the real estate journey began!


Gaining knowledge through investing is powerful, but it's more powerful when you share that knowledge! Whether the posts are organic or through an affiliate like BiggerPockets, I'll be sure to share what I learn!


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