DGP Properties is a house flipping & rental business operating in and around the Charlotte, NC metro area and was founded by Patrick Menefee in 2019. The company serves a variety of markets but for now focuses heavily in Gaston, Cabarrus, and Lincoln Counties. 

The purpose of the company is to improve communities and provide opportunity for people in 4 primary ways:

  1. Identify, create, and deliver solutions to assist homeowners who are in some type of financial or personal distress, or who simply want to sell their home

  2. Provide home buyers, tenants, and the community at large with high quality homes

  3. Provide educational and financial opportunities for employees and fellow investors alike who want to learn about and get involved in real estate

  4. Create a pathway to prosperity for employees, teammates, investors, lenders, and anyone else who comes into contact with DGP Properties


Patrick started the company in 2019 while working as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. While traveling 4 days a week and spending more time on planes and in a hotel than at home, the first year of the business was focused on generating cash flow through small multifamily rental properties. After making the decision to take massive action and get started everything moved very quickly, and within 2 months Patrick had gotten under contract for and closed the Gastonia Fourplex and the Statesville Duplexes

With 10 units in the portfolio it was time to grow even more, and in less than a year Patrick owned 20 units consisting of two quads and six duplexes that were primarily acquired with strategic partnerships. The fast growth was fantastic, but in the summer of 2020 it was time for the business to shift. 

As the focus of the business shifted to flipping houses and building a sustainable and scalable flipping business, Patrick acquired his first flip in August 2020 and his second a few weeks later.

On October 30, 2020, Patrick said goodbye to corporate life forever and made the jump to full time business owner!


InvestDGP is the educational side of the business, focused on sharing insights and expertise with real estate investors and entrepreneurs.


As a real estate investor and entrepreneur who is forging his own path with the help of countless people, books, materials, and resources, Patrick created the InvestDGP platform to give back to the community and help others the way I've been helped!

This educational content is shared through information here on the InvestDGP website, on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and (getting started on) TikTok. You can find all of the media platforms including podcast interviews and others on the Educational Media page!

At the end of the day, I'm a real estate investor just like you (or like you will be), and your feedback is critical. I encourage (and implore) you to contact me or leave a comment if there is additional content you would like to see, or if you have other recommendations to add value to investors such as yourself!

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Patrick Menefee

CEO / Founder

Patrick was born and raised in Minnetonka, MN. After earning a business degree from Iowa State University he commissioned as an officer in the US Army.

He graduated Ranger School in 2012 and spent time in Africa and Southwest Asia over his 6 year career as an Infantry Officer before joining corporate America as a consultant at PwC.

His corporate career was short lived - he spent 2 years at PwC and another 5 months at USAA before going into business full time. He and his family are based out of Charlotte, NC.