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Where do I even begin?? All business aside, I'm a proud husband to an amazing wife, father to an incredible daughter, and Veteran of the US Army. 

On the professional side you can read the blog post with my complete background, but here's the rundown:

  • Early life

    • Grew up with the entrepreneurial bug after seeing my incredible mom (Gail Menefee) build a fantastic and well respected Mary Kay business

    • Started my first 2 entrepreneurial endeavors as a kid - one by hosting a garage sale for mom's stuff (without her permission...oops), and the second by copying and selling no longer distributed Mary Kay training CDs to mom's network

  • Army & Corporate Patrick

    • Joined Army ROTC at Iowa State and became an Infantry Officer, graduating Ranger School in 2012 and spending time in Africa and Southwest Asia over my 6 years on Active Duty

    • Left the Army and moved to Charlotte, NC in 2018 to join corporate America as a consultant, advising banks and large financial service companies on operational improvements and risk mitigation

  • Real Estate Patrick

    • Started DGP Investments in 2019 to begin investing in real estate, quickly scaling to 20 doors over the first year and quitting my job in the fall of 2020 to pursue my real estate full time. Since then DGP Investments has included long and short term rentals, with properties as small as a 1,000sqft single family home all the way to a 18-unit apartment

    • Started a house flipping company DGP Properties in 2020. We flipped some houses, a little land, and wholesaled a couple of deals along the way 

  • Non-Real Estate Patrick

    • Transitioned into small business acquisition, which began by acquiring (and currently scaling) DGP Lawn Care, a lawn care company in Charlotte, NC

    • Began coaching aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to drive towards their personal and professional goals

The Four Pillars

My "Four Pillars" have really been what underpins my progress and creates a framework for clients:

  1. Generate Wealth. Very simply, wealth provides freedom. Many people find their lives dictated by their financial situation, so I believe it's critical to not only generate wealth for me and my family but also to teach others how to do the same.

  2. Improve Daily. You're either moving forward or backward, there is no standing still. They don't all need to be massive steps, but little steps forward every day can make an enormous difference. That's why I believe so strongly in coaching. Let's live up to our potential!

  3. Help Others. Nobody makes it through life alone, and it's important we all do our part. Whether it's helping family in need, donating to charity, sharing business lessons, or simply stopping to help someone who needs it, the world is a better place when we help others.

  4. Play Hard. How about we have a damn good time while we make the most of our lives? I fully believe in the "work hard, play hard" mantra. Success is great, but if you don't enjoy it what's the point?

Stay In Touch!

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