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Employment Opportunity: Acquisitions Specialist

  • Employment type: Contracted (1099)

  • Pay structure: 100% commission based

  • Summary Job Description: The purpose of this role is to take a qualified lead and convert it into a sale. Beginning with a handoff from a qualifying Cold Call or SMS conversation, a Sales Specialist will be responsible for analyzing the property, negotiating with the seller, putting the deal under contract, and closing the sale.

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Employment Opportunity:  Admin / Executive Assistant

  • Employment type: Full-time (W2)

  • Pay structure: Hourly plus bonus incentives

  • Summary Job Description: The purpose of this role is to take responsibility for all of the administrative tasks within DGP Properties, including:

    • Managing correspondence within and outside of the company

    • Coordinating resources (similar to that of a transaction coordinator)

    • Managing appointments and follow ups

    • Compiling and organizing documentation within the company. As an administrative assistant

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Financial Opportunity: Private Lender

  • Earn a 10% annualized return on your capital, secured by real estate!

  • Common Capital Options

    • Excess / underutilized capital: if you have money earning a low rate of return, put it to use!

    • Retirement accounts: did you know you can lend money out of your IRA and grow it with massive tax benefits? Let's talk!

    • Seeking safety & stability: want to avoid the volatility of the greater stock market? Earn a safe & stable return!

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Financial Opportunity: Refer a Motivated Seller​

  • Refer a motivated seller, and when I close you'll earn $500 or more!

  • How To Qualify

    • Intro: Connect me to someone interested in selling their property​

    • Private: Must not be for sale on the public market

    • Closing: Referral is paid when the sale is recorded!