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Get involved in the InvestDGP team!

As a growing small business we're always looking for ways to expand and grow! Check back here for opportunities to get involved with the team


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Employment Opportunity: Client Relationship Coordinator

  • Employment type: Part-time (20hr/wk), flexible hours

  • Pay structure: Commission plus hourly base

  • Summary Job Description:  Do you enjoy building relationships with people? This is for you! This business receives quite a few leads through a variety of sources, so the purpose of this role is to turn those leads into closed deals!

    You'll be responsible for communicating with sellers, scheduling and attending appointments to see their property, identifying their motivation for selling, gathering information about the property, and negotiating the purchase price!

  • Required skills: Real estate experience is not required! If you meet these qualifications, real estate concepts can (and will) be taught!

    • have an outgoing personality

    • can build rapport and develop relationships with clients

    • can effectively gather and process information

    • can effectively negotiate

    • have the ability to handle multiple tasks while staying organized

Working Cafe

Employment Opportunity:  Admin / Executive Assistant

  • Employment type: Full-time (W2)

  • Pay structure: Hourly plus bonus incentives

  • Summary Job Description: The purpose of this role is to take responsibility for all of the administrative tasks within DGP Properties, including:

    • Managing correspondence within and outside of the company

    • Coordinating resources (similar to that of a transaction coordinator)

    • Managing appointments and follow ups

    • Compiling and organizing documentation within the company. As an administrative assistant

Coming Soon

Stacks of Coins

Financial Opportunity: Private Lender

  • Earn a 10% annualized return on your capital, secured by real estate!

  • Common Capital Options

    • Excess / underutilized capital: if you have money earning a low rate of return, put it to use!

    • Retirement accounts: did you know you can lend money out of your IRA and grow it with massive tax benefits? Let's talk!

    • Seeking safety & stability: want to avoid the volatility of the greater stock market? Earn a safe & stable return!

Aeriel View of Housing Unit

Financial Opportunity: Refer a Motivated Seller​

  • Refer a motivated seller, and when I close you'll earn $500 or more!

  • How To Qualify

    • Intro: Connect me to someone interested in selling their property​

    • Private: Must not be for sale on the public market

    • Closing: Referral is paid when the sale is recorded!

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