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Instagram Live!

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in a crazy world where Covid-19 bucked the status quo with social distancing we had to adapt!

As a result of the bars closing down and social gatherings going virtual, InvestDGP took to Instagram Live to generate weekly content for fellow real estate investors. Originally hosted on Tuesday and Thursday nights, this became a great opportunity to discuss various real estate topics and trends while engaging fellow investors!

If you missed any of the sessions, check out the guests below and make sure to follow them!

Rachelle Rayner.jpg

Rachelle Rayner

Location: New York City, NY

Real Estate Niche: Commercial Real Estate (large multifamily)

Instagram: @investwithrachelle


Rachelle is an investor in NYC who started building her portfolio through hard work and sweat equity and now has transitioned into large multifamily deals. She has a passion for helping people achieve their goals and as a result has built an incredible investor network and meetup in Westchester, NY!

Mike Glaspie.jpg

Michael Glaspie

Location: Fayetteville, NC

Real Estate Niche: Commercial Real Estate (large multifamily), Broker

Instagram: @michael.s.glaspie


Mike is a Veteran who spent 12 years in the Army SOF community, getting involved in real estate investing for the latter part of his career and focusing on helping servicemembers and Veterans pursue financial freedom. He has built an impressive portfolio, expanded into commercial real estate, and is a broker and VP at Five Pillars Realty Group in Fayetteville, NC  

Jonathan Pacilio.jpg

Jonathan Pacilio

Location: Charlotte, NC

Real Estate Niche: Short Term Rentals

Instagram: @jonathanpacilio


Jonathan and his wife have built a successful short term rental business in and around the Charlotte area while still succeeding in their full-time white collar professions. Focusing on resilient strategies and risk mitigation has allowed Jonathan to keep his business successful despite the market difficulties coming as a result of the Covid-19 crisis

Martin Lindsay.jpg

Martin Lindsay

Location: Charlotte, NC

Real Estate Niche: Fix-and-flip & long term rentals

Instagram: @martinsalvador91


Martin is a full time investor and licensed broker with EXP Realty investing throughout North Carolina. After transitioning out of full time work he pulled off a perfect BRRRR on a manufactured home and a successful fix-and-flip. He continues to grow his investing portfolio around Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Fayetteville 

Mark Perlberg.jpg

Mark Perlberg

Location: Charlotte, NC

Real Estate Niche: CPA

Instagram: @markperlbergcpa


Mark is an accountant specializing in real estate tax strategy and is himself an investor. With a deep knowledge of how the tax code can help real estate investors, he focuses on developing strategies to maximize investor returns and minimize tax exposure

Mike Woodard.jpg

Mike Woodard

Location: Charlotte, NC

Real Estate Niche: Loan Officer at Atlantic Bay Mortgage

Instagram: @michaelwoodard_clt


Mike is a loan officer at Atlantic Bay and supports investors & homeowners alike. His significant experience in the mortgage industry and unique knowledge of the real estate market make him a great partner to all investors

Alex Lopez.jpg

Alex Lopez

Location: Charlotte, NC

Real Estate Niche: Real Estate Agent & Partner at Verge CLT

Instagram: @therealalexlopez


Alex is an agent who works with investors and homeowners throughout the Charlotte and surrounding region. Alex and the team at Verge have built a fantastic network of agents and experienced experts to work through each stage of a real estate purchase and/or sale

Michael Caridi.jpg

Michael Caridi

Location: Charlotte, NC

Real Estate Niche: Loan Officer at MVB Mortgage

Instagram: @michaelcaridi


Mike works with MVB Mortgage to assist homeowners & investors fund their conventional real estate purchases. His mortgage expertise is a valuable asset for real estate investors looking to utilize conventional financing for purchases and refinances

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