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In The Media!

Patrick Menefee: Coach to Entrepreneurs

Live March 1, 2023


InvestDGP with Patrick Menefee

Live Jan 17, 2021


JF2120: Jumping In The Market With Patrick Menefee

Live June 22, 2020


96: $1M in Real Estate in 1 Year with Patrick Menefee

Live Apr 7, 2022


#49: 12 homes in his first 12 months in Real Estate with Patrick Menefee

Live August 4, 2020

military cashflow.jpg

#151: From working as a consultant in a big 4 to flipping houses full time

Live Dec 6, 2021


Other Media

Westchester Real Estate Investors Webinar

Host: Rachelle Rayner, Goldstein Property Partners
Rachelle invited me to speak to her fantastic investor group in Westchester, NY about my journey from 0-20 rental units! Check out the video recap of the session to hear a little more about the story and some lessons learned for new investors!
Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 7.26.35 PM.png

WBTV Charlotte

In 2022 my wife and I were looking for a new home, which happened to be right as interest rates spiked! Through our realtor Alex Lopez we landed on the local news talking about our search (eventually we found a place!)
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