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Investor Resources

As an investor you need to do your own due diligence on everything and not take the word of someone else, but a recommendation can be a great place to start! Here are some recommended resources I've used while building my current portfolio

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Finding Deals

There are so many different ways to find deals! If you're brand new, get started by talking to a real estate agent so you can get access to deals on the MLS. As you look at more properties and define your criteria, start using alternate sources of deal flow to fill your pipeline! Don't stop with the categories below, tell everyone you know that you're looking for deals and then scour Facebook, Craigslist, your neighborhood, and anywhere else you can think of!

  • Real Estate Agents

    • Alex Lopez, Verge CLT

      • Verge is a real estate brokerage in Charlotte, NC. Their team of agents work with homebuyers as well as investors and have a great network within the region. ​Alex is a partner with Verge and sold me my first house as well as my first 3 investment properties

      • Check out the Verge website and/or reach out to Alex to learn more!

    • Michael Glaspie, Five Pillars Realty

      • Five Pillars is a veteran and investor focused real estate brokerage in Fayetteville, NC. Staffed entirely by veterans or veteran family members, ​they have a passion for helping active servicemembers and veterans pursue financial freedom through real estate. Mike is a VP with Five Pillars, veteran of the Army SOF community, and fellow real estate investor

      • Check out Five Pillars, reach out to Mike, and check out the Military Cashflow Podcast hosted by Mike and his partner Dan Wynn

  • Wholesalers​

    • Kenny Okam, Simple Solutions Real Estate ​

      • New wholesaler focused on deals in and around the Charlotte area. Check out his website!​

    • Sidney Charles, Big and Small Properties

Credit Assessment

Funding Deals

While nothing can happen without finding a property, that does you no good if you can't come up with the money to close the deal. This can come in a variety of forms, from your own cash to money you borrow from a variety of places, people, or entities. Get started with the few below, and then get creative as needed to make the deal work for you!

  • Conventional lenders

    • Michael Caridi, MVB Mortgage​

    • Michael Woodard, Atlantic Bay Mortgage

    • Shaneka Robinson, Elements Mortgage

  • Commercial lenders (NC)​

    • Bryan Staff, Pinnacle Financial Partners​

    • Casey Rice, First Bank

  • Hard Money​

    • Patrick Donahue, Groundfloor​

    • Greg Horne, Longhorn Investments

    • David Cruise, Straightline Funding

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Property Management

A great property manager can be a multiplier in your business, bringing you peace of mind, freeing up your time, and providing access to a quality list of contractors, vendors, and potentially deal flow. But while a great property manager serves as a multiplier, a bad one can drag you down! Start with recommended managers, do your due diligence, and use the one who makes the most sense!

  • Alex Lopez, Verge CLT

  • Kevin Stringari, Bottom Line Property Management

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