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Networking and Events!

Whether you're here in the Charlotte, NC area or in another part of the country, there are plenty of different ways you can connect with fellow real estate investors! Whether through an online forum, a local meetup, or a Facebook group, connecting with local investors, realtors, and others looking to meet like-minded people can be extremely valuable! 

While there are even more meetups around the Charlotte metro area (you can find them on Bigger Pockets), these are two great starting points that occur monthly and are a fantastic resource for new investors! Come hang out and grab a drink while we talk real estate and share ideas!

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Virtual Platforms & Forums

If Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it's the importance of virtual communication in developing your network and ultimately staying sane! Use the websites and technology available to you to stay in touch with like-minded investors throughout the country at any time!

InvestDGP Charlotte Group Chat

  • GroupMe - Join 100+ investors, agents, lenders, and more on the GroupMe chat platform to discuss real estate, the Charlotte metro area and market, investing trends, success stories, and lessons learned! 

  • Slack - similar to the GroupMe, we've begun migrating people to the Slack platform to enable additional options and functionality. Join our ongoing discussion!

Bigger Pockets Forum

  • If you're a current or aspiring investor and you're not engaging on the Bigger Pockets Forum, go do it now! With hundreds of thousands of members, there is an absolute wealth of knowledge and resources that are available for free to assist you on your real estate journey

Instagram Live

  • This is a new thing for me (Patrick), but since so many people are at home now and unable to attend meetups I've begun hosting Instagram Live discussions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from someone in the industry! The conversation has included lenders, real estate agents, investors, and a CPA. Follow @InvestDGP and come join us!

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Local Meetups

Attend a local meetup and just start up a conversation! Some meetups are more formalized meetings with an agenda and guest speaker, others are informal social events such as a happy hour. Try them all, and if there isn't one near you then start one!

Charlotte Meetups:

  • InvestDGP Friday meetup

    • When: third Friday of each month, starting at 6:30p​

    • Where: Angry Ale's in Montford

    • Who: any and all investors of any experience level!

    • Details: this meetup started in 2019 and has been a successful networking and accountability event. Currently the structure is informal with no guest speakers, rather just an opportunity to network with investors and others who specialize in rehabs, flips, contract work, tax, wholesaling, and more!

    • Reach out through the Contact page on the site, or email Patrick directly!

  • Resident Culture meetup (first Tuesday of each month at Resident Culture Brewery)​

  • Others

    • View the calendar from the Charlotte Real Estate Investors page​

    • Find a thorough listing on the Bigger Pockets Events page

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Facebook Groups

Go to your Facebook page and search for groups that include your area +"Real Estate" or "Real Estate Investors" to find communities in your area. Join the groups and start networking! You can seek advice, find contractors, find deals, and find potential partners!

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